Optimum Control Version 4 Release

Optimum Control Version is the currrent release


Why upgrade?

You may think that your current version of Optimum Control has all the features you need…well think again!!! 

Version 4 adds lots of new functions that you, our customer, have been asking for.



Easier Recipe Entry


Multiple recipe units of measure

Imagine using an ingredient by volume, weight or unit measurement in your recipes.  Use an item in one recipe by the ml and in the next by the teaspoon or A10 can.  It’s your choice. You can even add your own customised conversions.  Makes recipe entry even easier (especially prep recipes) and your chefs will love you. 


Nutritional Calculation

These day’s people want to know how much fat, calories, sugar etc. they are consuming.  To have your menu analysed by a dietician is an expensive and time consuming undertaking.  Optimum Control V4 lets you “link” your ingredients to the USDA Nutritional database or even allows entry from the label.  Once all the ingredients have been linked, click “synchronize nutrition” and BAM!!!  all your products are now calculated and all your nutritional questions have been answered. 



Not only can you add unit conversions that can be used for all recipes, you can set up specific conversions for an item. Nutritional linking also suggests item specific conversions that help you to convert your recipe unit into grams and other useful measures. How many kiwis in a kilo??? 


Allergen Tracking

Why do you need this feature?  Let’s say a customer walks in to your establishment and is allergic to Nuts or Gluten and wants to know what items on your menu contain these ingredients.  Right now the waiter or waitress will go back to the kitchen and speak to the very busy chef and ask what items on the menu have these allergens.  If he has time to think about it he may have a couple of suggestions, but imagine simply running a report or looking at a printout from Optimum Control that indicates all the recipes containing those allergens!!!!  Talk about a time saver.



Pictures, yes pictures!!!

You can link recipes with a picture of the plated product and it appears on the printed recipe book report.  Optimum Control is an even more powerful tool to train with!

Counting stock just got even easier.


Stock Lists

If you liked counting stock before you will love it now, it’s much more fun!!  Now, a wizard will prompt you about how you want to count your inventory either all at once or by certain groups, categories or specific lists! 

If you have a food manager and a bar manager and you want them to both count their own inventory, in the past they would have to work from the same sheet, but now they can have their own sheets, complete their counts separately as part of the final inventory.  They can summarise their part of the inventory separately and usage summaries can be run for each manager’s specific lists.


Count Sheet History

Not only that, but if you want to check the count sheet from last month or last year you can open and see exactly what you entered.  It’s a miracle, you can see exactly what was counted and when.


Adjustments with a reason

Adjust, adjust, adjust, in case you forgot to enter a reason for your adjustments you can “require” a reason.  No more trying to remember why in the world you adjusted a count.





Whilst this feature was nearly perfect in previous version of Optimum Control we have now added couple of very powerful features.


Price Override

If a supplier gives you special pricing on a few items you can now override the price in the order window so when the order is printed and sent to the supplier the new price is showing.  But more importantly, when the order is received the price is already updated in the invoice window.


Order Sorting

By popular demand the order guides are now printed by group.  This means that when ordering all dairy, meats, fish etc. will appear together. 


 Call now!

There are many other features that make Version 4 easier but at the same time even more powerful.  Upgrade today!!!!


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