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The 2011 run up to Christmas saw a 30% rise in hospitality insolvencies against the previous year. Recession beating businesses have one thing in common – they know their costs and they control them.  

If you are considering getting to grips with your purchasing and stock control why not consider using a specialist software package? It probably costs less than you think. A single user installation starts at £795.00 + VAT.

Optimum Control software is used by all types of hospitality businesses from Michelin starred restaurants to small pubs. The system is networkable. 

Optimum Control simplifies the task of checking that gross profit margins meet the target and is easy to use. It includes ordering, supplier price tracking, recipe and menu costing, invoice records and stock control. Stock counting is quick and accurate and you have the option of using a handheld PC with or without barcode scanning. 

You will know at all times what you are paying, what dishes cost and how much you make on each dish on your menu. There are over 50 useful management reports.  What most people ove is that Optimum Control is developed by chefs who work in the kitchen, not in the back office or in the accountants office!!!!!!  Return to home page

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