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Why sell Optimum Control?


Many UK POS dealers express concern when selling stock & inventory solutions due to the high demands of supporting such products. Increasingly, customers are requesting software that is feature-rich, yet easy to use.

Offering Optimum Control provides you with a comprehensive solution that will meet the demands of today’s stock control conscious POS customer. Optimum Control is supported directly by our office, minimising management and support needs from your organisation.

Different versions are available depending on your customer’s needs:

Optimum Control Professional (OCPRO)
For the customer who wants full functionality complete with
recipe costing, inventory control, ordering, purchasing , catering
and buffets. Reporting includes menu analysis, actual
versus theoretical usage and over 60 more reports.

Optimum Control Premier (OCPREMIER)
For those customers such as hotels, golf courses and resorts that
need all the functionality of OCPRO with the addition of multiple
profit centers, stock requisitions, consolidated ordering, easy to
use stock transfers and usages per area.

Optimum Control Enterprise (OCENTERPRISE)
Web based application designed for chain operations who, first
and foremost, want to manage items and recipes from a central
database and sync with all stores. Consolidated reporting for all
stores, selected regions or even down to the store level displaying
usages, purchases and even sales mix information.

Optimum Control Express (OCEXPRESS)
For those customers who only want inventory counting and
valuation, recipe costing and theoretical usages from the POS
system. This product will, like OCPRO, calculate ideal food
cost as well as analyze menu profitability and popularity.

Adding Optimum control to your list of products enhances your offering to a customer that compliments your POS system proposal.

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